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My name is Juanjo Cueva and, given the difficulty of finding 100% natural Premium cosmetic products, I decided to create Enjoy&Live. The idea arose in Seoul, the cosmetic capital of the world, while I was studying my master’s degree and became aware of the importance of taking care of my skin.

When I returned to Ecuador I discovered the Cacay seeds and the infinite properties of its oil, an authentic hidden treasure of the Amazon , and I got going. The objective was to create 100% natural products with Amazonian raw materials purchased directly from native communities. Dr. Adriana Paulovic, PhD in Chemistry, was motivated by the mission of my project and we began a constant research and experimentation process that resulted in Premium products with unique formulas.

Today we have direct relationships with producers in the communities of Ecuador, generating employment, development opportunities and encouraging reforestation and care for the Amazon and the Andes . Thus began my dream of starting a business with the aim of making people enjoy taking care of themselves and, determined to never forget this mission, I decided to call my company Enjoy&Live.

Start the journey towards your best version with us, and discover the transformative power of our products.